Acting & Singing

Ages 3 to 18

Here at Big Time we’re delighted to offer acting, singing and musical theatre training. Grow your skills as an all round performer with specialist training from our industry professional singing, dancing and acting teachers. In our sessions for older children the students are split into appropriate age groups to develop their acting and singing technique in a fun and constructive environment that offers a multitude of benefits for your child as they grow in confidence, learn new skills and make life-long friends. Children aged 7 and under learn all three disciplines combined into one musical theatre weekly session.

Older Classes

These classes are about more than simply learning to read a script or create a character; they are an advantage to children in their development in everyday life. They teach children important listening and communication skills, as well as encourage them to use their imagination. Participating in regular acting and singing classes teaches children the importance of teamwork, self-control and empathy, and helps them to grow in confidence each week.

We encourage children to use their imagination and think for themselves. Anyone can pick up a script and read what’s on the page in front of them, or sing along to their favourite song on the radio, but it takes understanding the techniques of how and why we do something to create an intelligent young performer. This is what we strive to achieve here at Big Time Academy.

Younger Classes

Join one of our 30 minute Petite Performers classes, combining drama and singing. By the power of imagination your child will learn to develop their speech, how to use eye contact, body language and the joy of storytelling using their body and their voice. Confidence and communication will grow as they work together to create a universe of their own.