Private Tuition

Ages 5 to 18 years

Private lessons allow for personal development and are entirely tailored to your individual needs. The ability to work in a safe space and creatively express yourself with one to one guidance and support will allow your confidence and technique to grow. Private sessions focus on minute detail that is often so important but can be missed. One to one tuition gives you the chance to develop as an individual and a performer. 

Whether you are looking to take exams, have anxiety over public speaking, have a speech/presentation, or are applying for full time theatre schools and need help with your auditions, private sessions can help you with the best possible tuition for your individual needs.

Classes we offer


LAMDA lessons are available for one to one teaching, or you can share the time and cost with another student.

30 Minutes 45 Minutes 60 Minutes
LAMDA option 2

General Information

Here at Big Time we are proud to offer one to one acting lessons in which students can work towards taking an exam.

From Entry level to Grade 8.

Grade 6 upwards awarded valuable UCAS (University) tariff points.

These lessons are also great for students preparing to audition for full time Theatre Schools or Scholarships.


The number of lessons each child needs to be entered in to exams differs, however LAMDA advise around 20 guided learning hours for Entry Level exams extending up to 90 hours for Grade 6 & Above.